I am the founder of Lagerman Subsidium AB, which has been active since 2013.

I have experience working with research-based business as lead manager, partner, and external consultant. My educational background include Bioscience Business, Molecular Biology, Company Administration & Economics. Moreover, I've got several years experience within non-profit engagements.

Currently my main engagement is as Business Development Specialist for the University of Helsinki.

I always welcome talks regarding new business opportunities.



UV biomarker project: Novel discovery of a biomarker that correlated with sun exposure. The idea investigated was whether it could be used as a simple, DNA-based, UV exposure test with possible applications in melanoma risk assessment, early skin cancer diagnostics, or post-treatment follow-up of skin cancers.


Filter optics pilot testing: User training and user feedback interviews, including pilot testing with novel filter sets in microscopy.

Tech transfer of novel lab tool: I supported the university in constructing discussion material and initiated several talks of a potential tech transfer with large lab equipment resellers.


The TransHoof project: Based on a non-invasive method for horse hoof monitoring and diagnostics. Developed partly together with Hot Disk AB. I provided support in project planning, some commercial strategy input, and financing application writing. The application was successful and got financing from VINNOVA.

The NCIMS project: The National Center For Imaging Mass Spectrometry (now called Chemical Imaging Infrastructure, CII) is one of the world's most advanced laboratories for imaging mass spectrometry. I acted as business consultant for two years, being responsible for developing communication profile, business modeling, performing cost-resource analysis, among other things. I worked closely with the project management of the university toward getting a good utilization of the world leading expertise at the laboratory.

NURES Horizon 2020 Application: I supported in the EU financing application writing worked together with the innovation team. The Nutrient Recycling From Exological Sanitation (NURES) project commercialized a unique method for blackwater purification, nutrient recapturing and reuse.

STK25 inhibitor project: Potential type 2 diabetes pharmaceutical treatment based on novel findings regarding the protein kinase STK25. A key partner in the commercial project is Sprint Bioscience AB. I mainly provided support in financing application writing.


Folktandvården (VGR): I performed an industry investigation for the top management at the Public Dental Service in Western Sweden (Folktandvården/VGR). My work resulted in several ideas on how the Public Dental Services could increase collaborations within clinical research and innovation processes, which in turn was elaborated to an arm of the VGR Innovation Platform.

Radon measurement project: Novel radon measurement method for quick radon source localization in facilities. I investigated the customer need and gathered product concept feedback.

Multi-fluorescence toolkit project: Innovation that simplifies multi-color staining within microscopy based research (mainly histology). The project later turned into Kromnigon. I performed pricing analysis, refined market estimates, elaborated the business strategy and secured listing of 30 beta customers willing to participate in pilot studies/initial product launch.

Lab on a Bead: Small biotech company providing a high-capacity magnetic separation platform for purification of biomolecules. I supported management by cash flow analysis, updated investment material, and participation in soft financier relations.

Preschool mathematics pedagogy project: Called "Lilla Häxan", the underlying research consisted of novel pedagogics in how to teach very young children (preschool) mathematics corresponding to first school (lower school) level. I investigated public first school education conditions for utilizing the novel pedagogics. Several relevant contacts and suggested implementation strategy was provided.

Math game learning project: Called "Rutiga familjen", the underlying research consisted of novel mathematics pedagogy expressed in applied game (serious game). I mapped applied game actors within education and provided feedback from potential company collaborators. One company contact continued in depth talks after completed commission. Furthermore, a workshop in utilized research was arranged.

NMR-based reporting tag project: Novel NMR-based method that made localization and characterization of protein binding sites possible even for ligands of low affinity using a unique reporter tag. I compiled product concept feedback from key company contacts of interest.

Type 1 Diabetes nutrition service: Called Lifelong Adult Diabetes And Diet Resource (WellnessLADDER) the service provides evidence-based nutrition education for patients within primary and specialist care. I mainly gathered qualitative feedback from diabetes nurses and related specialists as well as arranging a minor business modelling workshop.

Youth unemployment research: The researchers had created a database related to youth unemployment which knowledge can benefit public workers. I compiled qualitative feedback from relevant public workers within communes, the employment agency, and the Social Insurance Agency resulting in suggested framework for database knowledge spreading. Furthermore, the work resulted in a compiled collective understanding of youth unemployment challenges.

SP Food and Bioscience Accelerator: Semi-public actor, called "Livsmedelsacceleratorn", supporting companies within the food sector. I planned and executed a business modeling workshop where several regional good innovation companies participated. The workshop was performed twice.


Osteoclast inhibitor project: Novel research with candidates for Periodontitis/Peri-implantitis treatment. The commission consisted of competitor analysis, differentiation strategy, and business support material.

Sahlgrenska Science Park: Bioinnovation support entity tasked with strengthening the innovation system in the life science field in the West of Sweden. I supported the structure drafting of business advisor consult pool. Furthermore, I participated in the recruitment process of 10 candidates which included a public purchasing process ("direktupphandling").

Dental24 business modeling: The company is web portal for the whole team in dental care, providing industry relevant news, knowledge, education, and relevant product information. I performed a business model canvas workshop with the lead team.

AdenoCure application: I participated in the VINNOVA application writing for a novel screening tool used in adenoid cystic cancer (ACC). The team also had a potential lead compound.

Fluorescence labeling workshop: A novel toolkit for multicolor staining of tissue. I supported the early business modeling by planning and executing a workshop, followed by business advising.

PhotoSwitch applicability: A novel discovery of a photoswitchable protein fragment. The protein enabled spatial and temporal control of organic synthesis and potentially a variety of modular designs. I investigated application possibilities, product profile, and customer hypotheses.

Food innovation distributor meetings: I requited several food entrepreneurs around the country to an industry meet up arranged at Serendipity Innovations in collaboration with VINNOVA.

Cellociate customer need and product study: A novel hand-held tool for cell culture harvesting. I performed a qualitative customer study, product profiling, market study, competitor mapping, and pricing analyzes.

Technopol LSBM webinar: I held a webinar in business modeling at Technopol in Estonia.

The Innovitro project: A novel test for contact allergy. I performed competitor mapping and business modeling together with the lead team.


The BodyScore project: A research-based mobile application for reducing stress by guided music. I helped out with business modeling and providing business advising.

Project Bärkraft: EU financed project with the goal of increasing the commercial maturation of the Swedish berry industry. I participated in the evaluation process post-project as well as providing business advising based on the feedback from both participants and financiers.

Competence Center for Cancer Research: The center aimed to improve the quality of cancer therapy by developing and implementing new diagnostic platforms and offering the pharmaceutical industry new cancer drug candidates. I consulted in one of their lead development.


Operations Manager (Kromnigon)

January 2016 – January 2019 (3 years)

Main responsible for management, external relations and overall commercial development. The company works in close collaborations with GU Ventures, VINNOVA and research teams at the University of Gothenburg.

Account Manager & Representative (Dental24)

January 2013 – August 2014 (1 year, 8 months)

Managed customer relations and sales (B2B) as well as representing the company at external occasions.

Project Manager (Velit Biologics)

May 2011 – August 2013 (2 years, 4 months)

Lead management in a project developing an angiogenesis inhibitor (SB101) in pre-clinical development together with a research team at Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ/Celecure).

Business Consultant (NemerPharma, GU Ventures)

June 2011 – August 2011 (3 months)

Consulting work where I acquired practical experience in market analysis, mapping of competitors, regulatory review for market approval, patent analysis and FTO.

Sales Leader (Knowel, pro bono)

January 2011 – May 2011 (5 months)

Co-managed an ad supplement in Ny Teknik, where all revenues went to finance Knowel, which is a project in social entrepreneurship. Furthermore, I persuaded Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt to participate in an interview we used as lead article.


Chalmers University of Technology

Master's Degree, Business Creation and Entrepreneurship in Biomedicine (2012)

Göteborg International Bioscience Business School was a joint initiative by Chalmers University of Technology (Chalmers School of Entrepreneurship), University of Gothenburg, and Sahlgrenska Academy, that was created in close collaboration with regional health care and companies with the purpose of stimulating business enterprise. The education's business incubator (Encubator) was ranked 8th in the world and 2nd in Europe according to the UBI Index (2014).

University of Gothenburg

Bachelor's Degree, Molecular Biology (2010)

The education provided knowledge within cell biology, immunology, genetics, embryology, histology, bioinformatics as well as basic chemistry. The degree project was made in connection with Mucosal Immunobiology and Vaccine Center (MIVAC) and covered a study on autoimmune inflammatory responses where I identified a regulatory element that probably control CCR2.

Independent Coursework

Business Administration & Economics at GU's School of Business, economics and law (30 ECTS-credits)

The courses provided knowledge in marketing, organization, accounting, leadership, administration and other basics in economics.


Qualified to the Swedish final in Venture Cup 2012. There were over 1000 competitors and we finished 6th.