Media Fingerprints

New commercial engagement in multi-staining microscopy

Kromnigon AB develops and markets new multi-staining solutions for histology. The company comprises two patented innovations that complement each other; SpectraSplit and FlexiStain. In December 2015, GU Ventures went in as investor. I was mentioned in the press release since I've increased my engagement as Operations Manager.

Webinar: Business modeling for life science-based startups

How do you transform research to innovation? How do you structure and test your business model? Life science business is generally characterized by complex markets, long developmental times and several pitfalls. Here is a webinar I held for Tehnopol in Tallinn, which is a business environment with more than 150 technology based companies. If you would like to watch it, feel free to click here.

The Business Model Canvas tool in life science

An interview with Realize AB on how to apply the Business Model Canvas tool in life science projects as well as some shared, brief thoughts on how I believe the pharma industry will develop.

Participation in Venture Cup national final

In 2012, our team at Velit Biologics qualified to the national final bringing about some media coverage and a few interviews here and here. There were over 1000 competitors and we finished among the top 12. Furthermore, we participated in two silly pitches that can be viewed here and here.

Why was Sweden neutral during WWII?

I have an extra interest in history. Here is a copy about the topic I did as a video response to a school class in Australia. Yes, they we're quite young, but I still wanted to give a comprehensive answer.