Bioscience Business| Sales & Communications | Operations Management

I mainly provide support as lead management, consultant, or partner. My responsibilities can be performed in four main areas of business:

  • Project management: How do we structure, execute and evaluate our project?
  • Business modeling: How do we capitalize on an idea or improve current enterprise?
  • Commercial material: How do we express our business in pedagogic material?
  • Sales management: Who is our customer and how to communicate?


Helping projects progress toward structured goals. This can be early stage projects where a project plan needs to be agreed upon together with financial planning and then executed accordingly. It can also be more elaborated projects where specific management responsibilities need to be allocated to a suitable person.


Draft business models in workshops, clarify value offerings, and develop commercial action plans. This can be both for start-ups and more established companies that want to investigate verticals or elaborate value chains. Naturally I can help developing different kinds of steering documents for cash flow, liquidity tracking, product calculations, and other key metrics.


Usually performed closely with researchers and other key members, I can perform content design and the make both market and investor material. I have good knowledge within graphic design, layout, and video editing. This includes fair skills in advance photo and video editing programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Hitfilm Express.


This can be both team sales work by reaching out to potential customers and partnering with key actors in the right markets as well as elaborating marketing strategies and implementing them in appropriate marketing channels.